How to be a domainer Grinch this Christmas!

You too can be a domainer Grinch this Christmas, using this simple method related to domain name renewals: let your domain names expire for the duration of the Holidays.

Imagine the frustration of potential buyers who are eagerly waiting for an expired domain name to become available, only to have the original owner renew it at the last minute. Imagine the disappointment of the buyer who has spent hours searching the internet, trying to find the perfect domain name, only to discover that it was not deleted.

One can imagine the buyer pacing back and forth in front of their computer, constantly refreshing to see if the domain name has become available, only to be met with the same message: “This domain name is not available for registration.” The buyer may start to wonder if they have done something wrong, or if there is some kind of glitch in the system that is preventing them from purchasing the domain name.

As the days go by, the frustration of the potential buyer may only grow, as they continue to see the domain name listed as “unavailable” or “renewed.” They may start to feel like they are stuck in some kind of purgatory, unable to move forward with their plans until the domain name becomes available.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the buyer may receive the news they have been waiting for: the domain name has expired and is now available for registration. They quickly click the “buy” button, only to receive a message stating that the domain name has already been renewed by the original owner.

Boom. You’ve reached domainer Grinch status. Congratulations!

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