How to be a domainer Grinch this Christmas!

You too can be a domainer Grinch this Christmas, using this simple method related to domain name renewals: let your domain names expire for the duration of the Holidays. Imagine the frustration of potential buyers who are eagerly waiting for an expired domain name to become available, only to have the original owner renew it […]

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Christmas spirit: Sedo donated food to those in need

Merry Christmas! Why send Christmas cards and unnecessary gifts when you can make a difference? Sedo team members volunteered their time to prepare and pack food for those in need. Sedo’s donations went to The Tafel, an organization supporting people in need of the most basic support, food. The Tafel are one of the largest […]

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Rick Schwartz : A Domain Christmas Story

A frosty Nor’easter wind was blowing cold air onto the Florida coast; remnants of frost on the ground would barely last after sunrise. It was almost Christmas, and one man laid restless in his large, mahogany bed, rolling every couple of minutes. The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, had reasons to be unable to sleep, and […]

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How Cloudflare beat the Grinch and saved

Cloudflare provides traffic filtration, DDoS attack mitigation and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. During the holidays, some web sites experience both a high volume of traffic and malicious attempts at bringing them down. is one of these busy web sites, and there are people out there who would attack during Christmas. These Grinches […]

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White Christmas – From Michele Neylon

Michele Neylon, of Blacknight Solutions, isn’t just an epicurean; his creativity extends far beyond crafty responses to emails of DMCA complaints, that does not apply in the Eurozone. Due to the holiday spirits being high – and by that, we are not referring to the 115-proof Irish whiskey – Michele has put together an interactive […]

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Happy Holidays from DomainGang

There goes another year! Oh my, the Three Wise men are heading to Bethlehem again. Let’s hope they won’t get caught in the crossfire in Gaza. With the fiscal cliff being upon us, and the Mayans threatening to pull the plug on the world, what’s there to hope for? There’s a lot, actually, because the […]

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It’s been a thorny issue for years and years of American political correctness: the use of ‘Xmas’ as a substitute shorthand of ‘Christmas’ has now taken its final battle to cyberspace. Florida-based corporation “Santa’s Helpers LLC” is suing the British Virgin Islands company “Sea, Sand and Santa Inc.” – the argument over the use of […]

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