owner sues over offensive eCard

It’s been a thorny issue for years and years of American political correctness: the use of ‘Xmas’ as a substitute shorthand of ‘Christmas’ has now taken its final battle to cyberspace.

Florida-based corporation “Santa’s Helpers LLC” is suing the British Virgin Islands company “Sea, Sand and Santa Inc.” – the argument over the use of the domain name, by the latter escalated during the course of a heated exchange of emails between the presidents of the two corporations.

Gus Frazzola, president of Santa’s Helpers is proud to own the domain name

“We are really proud to own a valuable piece of Internet Christianity. The birthday celebration of our Lord Jesus is our number one priority and we can’t take a light approach to it. “, said Gus Frazzola, holding a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue”.

It all started when employees of created a holiday eCard depicting ghouls and goblins taking over a Nativity set which quickly became viral on YouTube. president, Gus Frazzola, was livid.

“They can’t do this, take Christ out of Christmas and joke about it all with that despicable video of dancing goblins around the Nativity, in Pompano Beach. I told them to shove it and asked for an apology. It don’t matter that it was CGI but it’s still very offensive to me and my church!”

Meanwhile, Tony J. Palmer, president of the “Sea, Sand and Santa” corporation – holding company of – responded via telephone from the British Virgin Islands that Gus Frazzola is lying outright about what happened.

“You can’t be serious with this man’s claims, I mean, he plays the religion card well to suit his argument but the truth is that most people nowadays on the Internet type our web site to find things about Christmas”, said Tony J. Palmer. “Look, I was raised into the Christian faith and I still say, write and refer to Christmas as ‘Xmas’. Mr. Frazzola is pissed because has eight times the traffic of”

The lawsuit alleges that the “Sea, Sand and Santa” corporation offends the religious sentiment of thousands of registered users of

Lawyers from both sides failed to reach an agreement outside of the court system and it will now be up to the judge to decide who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

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  1. Patrick McDermott says:


    How much $ did you have to pay Stephen Douglas ( to wear
    the Santa outfit?

    Please restrict future photos to hot babes* in skimpy outfits like you did here:

    or I’ll have to ask for a refund.

    *notice I said “babes” NOT “chicks”

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