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How Cloudflare beat the Grinch and saved Christmas.com

Cloudflare provides traffic filtration, DDoS attack mitigation and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. During the holidays, some web sites experience both a high volume of traffic and malicious attempts at bringing them down. Christmas.com is one of these busy web sites, and there are people out there who would attack Christmas.com during Christmas. These Grinches […]

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Christmas.com owner sues Xmas.com over offensive eCard

It’s been a thorny issue for years and years of American political correctness: the use of ‘Xmas’ as a substitute shorthand of ‘Christmas’ has now taken its final battle to cyberspace. Florida-based corporation “Santa’s Helpers LLC” is suing the British Virgin Islands company “Sea, Sand and Santa Inc.” – the argument over the use of […]

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