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Google might remove letters B,M,W from its Alphabet domains!

Google has been buying “alphabet” related domains left and right. Starting with the acquisition of ABC.XYZ, the search engine monolith created a separate mother company, Alphabet, Inc. This move did not sit well with Alphabet.com owners, German automaker BMW. The recent purchase by Google of the domain ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.com wasn’t a surprise, but it’s expected to […]

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ABC madness continues : Dot .MX domain sold for five figures!

The domain name ABC.mx, the ccTLD for Mexico, was sold last week; its previous owner marveled at the price, believing at the time that it’s a Mexican company. As Google acquired ABC.XYZ from the dot .XYZ Registry to use for its Alphabet project, everything points in that direction; Google also acquired the domains Alphabet.XYZ and […]

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