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Scammers don’t change: Why Starlita Similien went back to jail

After her unexpected release from the Bay County jail, serial scammer Starlita Similien was re-arrested less than 48 hours later. Convicted to 48 months of probation for three felonies, the unrepentant scammer used the alias “Andrea J. Deluca” in her latest string of criminal activity. But what was the reason Starlita Similien was booked again […]

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No contact means not on Facebook either: Starlita Similien back in jail!

Serial scammer Starlita Similien is back in jail, after enjoying her two days of freedom. The judgement came August 27th for the “Andrea J. DeLuca” alias that she’s been using, and despite being accused of three felonies, Starlita Similien was released on probation, having pleaded “nolo contendere” on the following conditions: Probation set to 48 […]

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