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Francois versus Brandroot : What happened?

It seems that a recent transaction at Brandroot, a domain marketplace for brandables, went awry. French domain investor, Francois Carrillo, shared his experience in a note on the Domaining.com newsletter that is dispatched to thousands of subscribers. Apparently, the domain QONI.com was listed at Brandroot.com without its owner’s permission. Francois had to file a PayPal […]

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The Catchy.com store reopens with lots of ‘domainer candy’

When it comes down to candy, the French do it right. Apparently, that’s what French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo decided to capitalize on, and has rebranded Catchy.com – the catchy domain marketplace for short, brandable domains – into a candy store! Featuring quality CVCV and other four letter .com combos, the Catchy.com store appeals to […]

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