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Halvarez Junior ante portas? A SnapNames customer thinks so

An irate SnapNames customer is dejected by the unfair competition of a bidder, who allegedly fails to pay for the auctions they won, repeatedly – without being banned. According to a thread over at top domain forum, DNForum, the SnapNames account ‘m10v‘ has activity consistent with that of a non-paying bidder. “Does anybody know – […]

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Did Hank Alvarez sell out to new SnapNames owners?

We haven’t heard from Hank Alvarez for a while – the notorious shill bidder that created the “halvarez” scandal as a former VP at SnapNames. Hank Alvarez – or “Hanky” as he’s often known – declared his repentance on multiple occasions, stating that he’s a changed man and an honest domain auction entrepreneur. Something is […]

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