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Attending #ICANN61 in San Juan? This #ICANNwiki infographic is a must-see

If you’re attending ICANN61 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the weather will be beautiful, and the beaches mesmerizing. The Caribbean island still faces challenges with power loss, but it seems that the ICANN event will be a success, and Neustar will be throwing a party to benefit the local population. ICANN61 lasts a full six […]

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No, the #ICANNWiki project is not just a “web site”

ICANNWiki, the portal devoted to the activities and functions of ICANN, isn’t simply a web site with a $50 dollar monthly budget for hosting. The recent news that ICANN is considering to not renew its sponsorship of ICANNWiki – a hefty 60% of its total budget – is definitely not good. Considering the recent revelations […]

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#ICANN might end its support of #ICANNWiki, leading to its shutdown

For a decade, ICANNWiki, the online portal that checks the pulse of the ICANN community, presenting its achievements and happenings, has been doing so diligently and with gusto. And now, ICANN might cut off its funding, all while millions of dollars went to paying off members’ trips! ICANNWiki announced the news today: ICANNWiki was recently […]

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