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First renewal scam & spam email from an .ICU #domain arrives

The phucksticks that send out fake domain renewal notices have moved to the new .ICU domain – perhaps riding on a low cost promotional campaign. Operating from the lowclassic.ICU domain and a subdomain to evade detection, the spamming jizz guzzlers used NameCheap to register their spamming launchpad. These slimeballs are using a subdomain: ms1119.lowclassic.icu – […]

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Dot #ICU : Huge success with Healthcare Providers and #IoT cloud operators

Dot .ICU launched just days ago, and the youngest new gTLD on the planet is already seeing its numbers soar. More than 25,000 .ICU domain names have been registered so far, and the majority of individual registrants are healthcare providers in the US. “We’ve seen tremendous interest in .ICU, which stands for ‘I see you’, […]

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I See You : New generic top level #domain #ICU ready for launch

A new generic gTLD is about to launch: dot .ICU which is an obvious acronym for “I See You.” Dot .ICU is a domain extension operated by ShortDot SA, an Internet domain registry based in Luxembourg. With offices in Luxembourg City and in Singapore, the company aims for a global reach and approach. Dot .ICU […]

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