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#DollarCity at 30% mark-up : Mike Mann’s amazing sale to the #UDRP Complainant!

In 2016, Mike Mann was served with a UDRP notice for the domain name DollarCity.com. A central America based company called “Dollar City” filed the UDRP when DollarCity.com was listed for sale, with a $64,888 dollar price. As expected, Mike Mann won the UDRP with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding, for this 2001 domain […]

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JPTM : How #domain investor Mike Mann scored a 228,471.43% ROI

Mike Mann‘s domain investments are based on three principles: low cost of acquisition, long term holding of the domain asset, and a solid selling price. With this in mind, Mike Mann just scored an amazing 228,471.43% Return On Investment (ROI) for a recent domain sale. Mike’s sale of the domain BuyPods.com for $16,000 dollars, eclipses […]

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