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JPTM : How #domain investor Mike Mann scored a 228,471.43% ROI

Mike Mann‘s domain investments are based on three principles: low cost of acquisition, long term holding of the domain asset, and a solid selling price.

With this in mind, Mike Mann just scored an amazing 228,471.43% Return On Investment (ROI) for a recent domain sale.

Mike’s sale of the domain BuyPods.com for $16,000 dollars, eclipses its registration cost of $7 bucks in 2009.

In less than 9.5 years, Mike Mann achieved an annualized ROI of 126.11% per the following calculations:

Mike Mann’s ROI from Calculator.net

Naturally, Mike Mann rejoiced, with the acronym “JPTM” which stands for “Just Pay The Mann.” The sale occurred via the Uniregistry Market.

Mike Mann does not own JPTM.com, but he doesn’t really care. 😀

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2 Responses to “JPTM : How #domain investor Mike Mann scored a 228,471.43% ROI”
  1. Braden Pollock says:

    Theo, you’ve forgotten Mike’s eight years of renewals. Add in another ~$66 in registration fees it hardly seems worth it anymore 😜

  2. DomainGang says:

    Braden – I agree, he should have dropped the domain instead 😛

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