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#ICO : After dropping Monkey .com, Monkey Capital gets hit with a class action lawsuit

The company that attempted to acquire Monkey.com, but defaulted on Escrow payments, is now the target of a class action lawsuit for a failed ICO. Monkey Capital, operating these days from the domain M0nk3y.com, is a company based in Singapore. On December 19th, the law offices of Silver Miller filed a class action lawsuit against […]

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From Monkey.com to M0nk3y.com after defaulting on Escrow payments

The highly publicized sale of the domain, Monkey.com, was a lease-to-own transaction, that ended with the defaulting of the buyer on payments. Monkey.com, a domain registered in 1994 by its current owner, MonkeyMedia, is back in the possession of its original registrant; a company called Monkey Capital failed to make monthly installments via Escrow.com, being […]

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