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Non-com sightings : Dot .AWS plants the flag for Amazon!

Keeping track of non-com domains “in the wild” can be an entertaining and educational pastime; many such web sites are submitted by DomainGang visitors and readers. The latest one we received, is from domain investor and culinary wizard, Maxwell Arnold, who travels a lot between Canada, the US and Europe, both for business and pleasure. […]

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Taylor.Swift.Porn.Sucks : Maxwell’s analysis of Taylor Swift’s inevitable career in porn

It’s happening, right before our very eyes. As everybody has been talking about, Taylor Swift has acquired the domain names TaylorSwift.porn, and TaylorSwift.adult. Business Insider has even gone as far as to call her a “business genius” for it. I was positively baffled as to why she’s received any attention for this. Really, it’s no […]

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Max legroom: Will Fashion Metric be using 3D “naked scan” technology in the future?

Morgan and Daina Linton’s Fashion Metric is one hot start-up right now, being a part of the Mark Cuban group of companies. The effectiveness of its apparel measuring technology is one of the best in the clothing market, but how effective is it for taking full body measurements? For something like this, one needs to […]

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