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Firefox makers roll out ‘Stop Watching us’ initiative, while BuyDomains owns the .com

Mozilla – the makers of popular web browser Firefox – rolled out a privacy initiative today. Assisted by EFF, Reddit and 83 other organizations, the ‘Stop Watching us‘ action aims at the establishing of strong privacy protection laws. Using the domain name StopWatching.us, the Mozilla initiative essentially forms a hack for the phrase: “The revelations […]

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Code name ‘Verax’: Is the .com worthy of Edward Snowden’s reputation?

If you missed the news coverage about NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden, you must have been holed up in a cabin in the woods for the past week, eating canned food and hunting wild game. The 26 year old former CIA employee, has shocked the world with his revelation that NSA is virtually able to […]

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NSA whistle blower domain EdwardSnowden.com gets a ‘hot or not’ make-over

Yesterday, we wrote about the domain name EdwardSnowden.com being registered by someone who is not Edward Snowden. Initially, the domain was forwarding to its registrant’s personal web site, but today it appears to host content about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower currently holed up in a Hong Kong hotel. Other than linking to the […]

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NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden: Had no time to register the .com

The whistle blower behind PRISM, the secret NSA operative, came forth today; the announcement of his name and function within the NSA is definitely shaking the waters of the Obama administration. Edward Snowden, a systems analyst with an above top secret clearance, essentially pulled the rug from under the NSA, by revealing that the organization […]

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