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Phishing #domain used in #GoDaddy account infiltration was a #ServiceNow variant

Escrow.com was briefly defaced, after its DNS was pointed to an IP address in Malaysia, and the incident was made possible by accessing its managing account at GoDaddy. The hacker registered the domain ServiceNow-GoDaddy.com and was able to craft a convincing email, that fooled a GoDaddy employee. They also obtained a free SSL certificate from […]

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Domain security : Lessons learned from yesterday’s phishing emails

Domain security is a priority process of an investor’s business, and yesterday’s phishing email barrage reinforced that. Cybercriminals took advantage of an actual domain status, that of suspension by the Registrar. By customizing the notices to make them appear to be from the respective Registrar of every domain they emailed, they obtained an element of […]

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