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Hey, cabron! Puerto Rican Domain Registry charges $1,000 bucks!

Puerto Rico might be a US “unincorporated territory” without a state status, but it has several benefits that stem from this unique relationship: No federal income tax. Puerto Rican residents don’t pay Uncle Sam a penny. Nice women. If curvy Latinas with at-ti-tu-de is your thing. Nice beaches. Great food. Recently we took a look […]

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First Rebates from Snapnames arrive – Dominguez family is elated

Maria Penelope Dominguez smiles broadly to the cameras, as she displays the rebate she just received from Snapnames. The young Puerto Rican mother of five from Brooklyn is excited that she now has a whopping $2,875 to spend for Christmas – all thanks to the shill bidding scandal caused by Nelson “Halvarez” Brady. “So I […]

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