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Five figures : Auction for dropped #domain SERT .com ended at #DropCatch

The dropped, short domain Sert.com has a new owner, after being caught and auctioned off at DropCatch. Originally registered in 1996, Sert.com was developed, and remained untouched in terms of content for the majority of its life. The DropCatch auction for Sert.com ended today, after 93 bidders placed a total of 258 bids; the winner, […]

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Sert .com : A 1996 #domain dropped, on auction at #DropCatch

Before dropping two days ago, the domain Sert.com existed for 21 years, after being registered in 1996 by an Italian company. The premium, pronounceable LLLL .com acronym stood for “Sert Elettronica” and its visuals were never updated over the course of two decades. Still, a domain of this quality going through the expiration and drop […]

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