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Joint ventures : Elon Musk launches X.com, acquires Y.com and Z.com as well

A few days after acquiring X.com, uber-entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has finally launched it. The minimalist web site, contains the letter “X” at the upper left corner, marking the spot most often reserved for a graphic or logo. “I’m a no-frills guy, and decided to just place the letter ‘X’ there. Who needs a complex, boring […]

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Nissan Motors acquires Nissan.com for $25,000,000 dollars

After more than a decade of furious legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court, Nissan Motors has acquired the domain name Nissan.com. Infused with cold cash from the recent sale of Z.com for $6.8 million dollars, Nissan Motors ponied up the remainder, making an acquisition valued at $25 million dollars for Nissan.com. “We […]

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