Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 3 – Sex at Domainer Conferences, is it possible?

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

Been writing this since 5am as I cannot sleep. Last night it was yet another beerfest for me and my domainer buddies.

Yes, I’ve a secret that I haven’t shared with anyone yet. Writing it down in my diary is the best therapy.

Oh bollocks. Who am I trying to impress? Definitely not other domainers.

The truth is, I’ve gotten laid at domain conferences. Twice. And it can be done, easily, as long as one plays their cards right.

So let’s be clear: you can’t go to a conference for domainers looking for it, but when you keep your options open you can spring to the opportunity.

I need more beer.

So the after hours parties is when everyone loosens up. It’s when everyone has access to free alcohol, or at least discounted one. Some event sponsors buy out an entire evening’s bill.

Here’s what you do. Since night clubs are close to eachother at the fancy cities events take place, go out and scout for girls on a “girls night out”. You’ll spot them, they are in packs of three to five, sometimes larger groups. I’d advise you to stick to three to five though.

No need to be greedy.

Then you tell them there is a party next doors and invite them. Make sure you physically escort them there. If the bouncer starts playing hardball, slip him a $20. If the girls are sevens and up you won’t have any problem getting in with the all-female pack.

That’s when the fun begins; no-one knows that you’re the only domainer in that group. Have fun with the girls, “buy” them drinks and by the end of the night you’ll score.

Unless you’re a chub or really ugly!

Editor’s note: These are the Diaries of Daryl the Drunk Domainer, who passed away early this year. DomainGang acquired them and will be publishing them unedited.


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