Daryl says: Did Frank Schilling lose his mojo?

Daryl says: That was then, this is now

Evening domainers. Definitely looks like a much better weekend than the last one.

So far, that is. Whatever.

Anyhow. I was watching Frank Schilling from Domain Roundtable in 2007 – he was the keynote speaker, sans dinner.

Went through the entire 54 minute video quite painlessly. Frank’s a funny guy, in the good sense. He doesn’t seem to need a beer or two to address the hungry-eyed crowds, like I do.

So I heard the stories – again – about when he started, how he almost failed but then rebounded etc. Plus the rum cakes story and what he’d do if he had $10,000 to start today.

Let me tell you, if I had $10,000 in cold cash today, I would not buy domains. I’d buy a stash of the best Norwegian beer and party with a pair of buxom Scandinavian blondes for a week.

No, seriously. Frank Schilling back in 2007 described a different economy, a few months away from what I’d like to call the Big Flop of 2008. That’s when cash became a commodity and credit became tighter than a Vietnamese lady’s…ahem, never mind. 😀

Watching Frank Schilling’s keynote speech from 2007 made me weep. It also made me wanna reach for another cold one – they don’t call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer for nothing.

The bottom line is this: in 2007 things looked as if success was reproducible for newcomers. Today, forgetaboutit. If you’re a newbie domainer and want to make it, I’ll say: Son, take your cash and party it in Las Vegas.

And that’s exactly where I’m heading to next weekend.

Later domainers!

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4 Responses to “Daryl says: Did Frank Schilling lose his mojo?”
  1. BullS says:

    Totally agree—only suckers will pay $10K for domains…

    Yea-take the cash and enjoy all you want either in Vegas or in Thailand.

  2. Trico says:

    “…take the cash and enjoy all you want either in Vegas or in Thailand.”

    Your $ will go a lot further in Thailand.


  3. BullS says:


    .Good .food always comes with a deep rubbing of massage.

    Will do it again……..

  4. SPK says:

    Just finished watching the video. It was very painful to watch. Frank is funny but economy is not!!

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