Daryl says: Domainfest flu? Whatever – time to man up!

Hey there domainers!

I’ll get straight to the point, and I don’t mean beer but the subject of flu. A lot of those who got that nasty bug at Domainfest were at the Playboy Mansion.

Guess what happened there? Some fog machine got out of control, apparently spreading germs all over the place.

Daryl the Drunk Domainer loves the comfort of home couch blogging.

Some said Hank Alvarez did it. I know Chef Patrick didn’t do it – the dude wasn’t even there for f*ck’s sake!

Now then, before some cry-babies start thinking that just because I had that little accident with the Playboy bunny, doesn’t mean I’m a mean domainer. I love all creatures, even when their IQ is smaller than their breast size.

So anyway, back to the Domaifest flu thing.

No, I didn’t do it, so stop asking if I did it. We all know that I didn’t make it to the Playboy Mansion after I hurled out a sixpack of beer on the bus!

What can domainers do when they catch the nasty bug?


First of all, don’t go asking for trouble, there are some nasty cooties out there. Wear protection, ya feel me? Rubber up your johnson.

Second, if you got the germs, take aspirin and stay the heck away from other domainers! Stay at home. Call the doctor. Whatever you do, don’t go home hugging your wife and kids telling them how much you missed them after 72 hours, ya pansies!

Back to beer.

I love beer. Domains are better with beer and beer tastes great when I sell domains. No, I didn’t sell any domains at Domainfest, did you see the paltry results? Not even 1/2 million in sales for f*ck’s sake!

Bring Monte and Chef Patrick back!

Later domainers, I’ll spare you the handshake and the bear hug!

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