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Domain Crime : EOL.com, NNN.com, Zhang.com, Tang.com, WOK.com, JOL.com, WTV.com are currently stolen


Stolen domains.

A highly valuable portfolio of short domain names has just been reported as stolen.

A total of seven domains were stolen from the owner’s eNom account:

  • EOL.com
  • NNN.com
  • Zhang.com
  • Tang.com
  • WTV.com
  • WOK.com
  • JOL.com

Of those stolen domains, EOL.com, NNN.com, Zhang.com and Tang.com have been transferred away to Dynadot.

Two were transferred away to 22.CN: WOK.com, JOL.com.

One more stolen domain, WTV.com, was transffered away to Ename.

These are stolen domain assets and their legitimate owner is in the process of reclaiming them; ESQwire.com has been retained as the law firm that will assist with their return, and will pursue legal proceedings should it be necessary.

If you are contacted to acquire any of these domains in private, or via online domain marketplaces, keep in mind that you will be receiving stolen assets.

We will update this post once there is additional information.


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4 Responses to “Domain Crime : EOL.com, NNN.com, Zhang.com, Tang.com, WOK.com, JOL.com, WTV.com are currently stolen”
  1. Don W. says:

    Must be amateurs. Dynadot is based in the US, so an easy return for those.

    GL owner.

  2. Hire Domains says:

    As usual thanks for reporting, seems to be a little on the decline? I have stated before, domains in dispute should be placed into a holding pattern until resolved, I have also suggested that domains should not be able to be transferred for 60 days after any transfer. This would slow down the thieves. Icann never replied when I put this to them. Cheers

  3. DomainGang says:

    Statistically, there are fewer thefts but higher value domains seem to be targeted.

  4. Domain Observer says:

    Thanks a lot for the very helpful report for the domain investors.

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