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Brsexit : UK rolls out Digital Economy Bill targeting adult domains and web sites


Talk about a “Brsexit,” as the UK is about to roll out its Digital Economy Bill, which brings down heavy fines to violators.

Adult site operators in Britain must ensure at all times, that adult-oriented material is available only to persons aged 18 and up.

The age-verification regulator could impose heavy fines, up to 250,000 British pounds, or 5% of a company’s revenue, to offending adult sites.

Adult Domains will have to verify visitors' age in the UK.

Adult Domains will have to verify visitors’ age in the UK.

Providers of payment services enabling the production and distribution of pornography by noncomplying websites, would be targeted as well.

The proposed bill also targets advertisers on non-complying web sites.

It is expected to pass vote and become a law by the end of the year, making it one of the last items for the outgoing British Prime, David Cameron, to sign.


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