Chinese domain market report : Massive sale of domain chips by Elequa!

Elequa - Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Elequa – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Domain investing is a fun game, and the Chinese domain market can be rewarding.

Today is Elequa’s birthday, and what a better way to celebrate than with a massive sale of domain chips!

The 125-strong domain portfolio of “Chinese letter” LLLL .coms hit the proverbial chopping block yesterday.

Keep in mind that these are domains thatΒ Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim (Elequa) hand-registered, renewing them for between 10 to 12 years, and now it’s ka-ching time! πŸ˜€

Considering how Elequa runs his own domain registrar,, the cost per domain chip renewal over the course of a decade is minimal, perhaps $100 per domain.

Future Media Architects is known for their massive domain portfolio, and since the upturn of the Chinese domain market, they have been liquidating their domain assets, reaping their great appreciation.

Here’s the list:

And that’s not all for today.

We keep track of domain transactions among the Chinese, for domains of 2 to 4 characters in length, and for the .COM, .CN and .NET TLDs.

Today’s list is ultra long, thanks to Elequa’s liquidations.

Here are the rest of the domains:


While some misguided folks are spending their money on .XYZ “penny domains”, smart domain investors are getting some great, short, aged .coms.

Happy birthday, Elequa! πŸ˜€


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