Chinese domain market report : Scammer gets 8 years in jail for domain squatting!


China is a fascinating culture that combines progressive western elements with traditional Chinese.

The world’s 2nd largest economy continues to surprise with its implementation of “Communist Capitalism” and fraud punishment can be severe, by Western standards.

Domain sales Made in China.

Domain sales Made in China.

A Chinese national attempted to extort money from a company, using a common practice of imaginary domain squatting.

The man told his victim that there was a risk of the domain being purchased by someone else and offered his services to protect it, for the sum of more than $212,000 dollars!

In this case, the scammer received an 8 year jail sentence, according to the news source.

This domain-related scam often targets Westerners as the recipients of similar emails, who are being told that the matching .CN domain is in danger of being squatted upon.

Don’t fall prey to this scam.

Chinese domain market sales continue to maintain a good momentum, for 2-4 character domains in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs that we keep track of.

Here is today’s list of domains:

Additionally, legendary domain investor Elequa, sold a handful of domain “Chips” in recent days, and here’s what we found:

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