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Face .com application can now guess your age!

Kristanna Loken is 32 years old, according to

Start-up is a pioneer in face recognition software.

Despite attempts by Facebook to identify itself with the word “face“, the start-up maintains established IP attorney John Berryhill as the attorney in trust for the domain name. just announced yet another improvement of its software app, which will blow everyone’s mind off: age recognition.

The feature is not 100% accurate but it can “guesstimate” with high enough accuracy – depending on the clarity of a person’s face picture – their age!

According to the blog:

“The uses of this capability are nearly limitless, from parental control applications (restricting or enabling age-limited functionality based on the visitor’s age) to potential real-world targeted advertising based on detected age range of a consumer. Of course, as is always the case with technology, user privacy is key and controls have been engineered into the code. No identifiable information is accessible to developers via age recognition or any other part of our API – developers will only be able to estimate an age and build applications around that estimation.”

You can read the full age detection announcement at

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2 Responses to “Face .com application can now guess your age!”
  1. Andy Booth says:

    Funny!! This domain used to be mine!

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Andy – Look what you’ve started! :D

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