Mike Mann registers 6640 domains in one day!


Mike Mann in an uber-cool pose

Uber-domainer, Mike Mann, does not like resting on his laurels. The hyperactive former owner of is known for selling domains for thousands of dollars, daily.

But Mike does not sell only, he registers domains as well; this time, to the tune of 6,640 domain registrations, all dot com.

Hand registrations, that is. In one day: today.

Being efficient, Mike did the necessary research for most during the past few months, as this chunky group of domains did not arrive in an epiphany!

Still, it’s amazing seeing such a large number of registrations from anyone, on a given day. Perhaps domainers need to take a lesson from Mike Mann: not all good .com domains are taken! 😀

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17 Responses to “Mike Mann registers 6640 domains in one day!”
  1. Seb says:

    not all good .com domains are taken…obviously.

  2. Rich says:

    yes, all good .com’s are taken ….by him.
    Just kidding !

    Any way that it’s a lot of domains for one day.

  3. but how many got reg’d out from under him over those few months. not all good domains are taken, but of those that aren’t, they don’t often stay that way for long

  4. says:

    In any particular genre ?? and geo ??

  5. David says:

    He should have used my godaddy affiliate code! I would have made a killing.

  6. Tom says:

    So now we are going to get spammed for the next year from Domain Market for these names, great, like I don’t already get a half dozen a week from them…

  7. Yes, there are thousands good .com domains still available.
    Lets catch them!

  8. Picas says:

    shocked record ! now who say all hand regs are bs ???

  9. Jeff says:

    He updated this to say he registered 11000

  10. Mike Mann says:

    Bot eventually registered over 12,000 names yesterday based on selections I made over a couple months.

  11. Anders says:

    You should make the longest post in history in the “handreg of the day” thread at namepros.

  12. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Anders – That’s hilarious 😀

    Mike – Any samples that you’d care to share?

  13. Jeff Edelman says:

    Anybody else who registered that many domain names in a day I’d consider crazy. With Mike, you know he’ll make a fortune off of it. Way to go, Michael.

  14. Les says:

    “not all good .com domains are taken” should have read, “not all typos of facebook are taken, or at least were not taken until today!”

  15. says:

    Still wish to know that type of genre ??

  16. Mike Mann says:

  17. Justin Ellenbroek says:

    @Mike; well done!
    Probably these names were not taken because they are not so good names? And you can only reg these amounts of names if you have a load of money like Mike.
    But I can use some help with .nl names so if you have some time left…

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