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Part 5 : More Elequa LLL .com domains up for sale!

There are 22 provinces in China and Guangdong is one of them.

Elequa’s LLL .com domains are going to China.

It’s been a week since our last report of a nice group of Elequa’s LLL .com domains heading to the Chinese market, courtesy of Domain Name Sales.

Coverage of the co-brokered massive sale now spans five chapters, and if you missed the previous four, here’s a link to our previous installment.

Ibiza-bound Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim (Elequa) is known for his grand collection of domain names, among which are 45 “Ibiza” domains, including the prestigious Ibiza.com.

Here’s the latest list of LLL .com and select NNNN .com domains that have been made available on the Chinese domain market:

  • 3903.com
  • GDY.com
  • NSY.com
  • NJG.com
  • 7328.com
  • MPQ.com
  • LDZ.com
  • TQJ.com
  • GXQ.com
  • LWZ.com
  • NLY.com
  • XKH.com
  • XPK.com
  • YRG.com
  • ZKR.com
  • 7607.com
  • BXP.com
  • JJI.com
  • LPH.com
  • QDJ.com

This list represents a full week’s worth of activity, so we can safely assume that the rate of transfers has slowed down.

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  1. Ano says:

    How do I buy one of these ?

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