DomainGang : Seven years of pure domain madness! - 7 years. – 7 years.

Time flies when you’re having fun, but come on – SEVEN YEARS?

Where did they go? 😀

It was a slow day in 2009 when DomainGang was launched, as a repository of wacky stories about domain names.

From the get-go we covered real industry news, along with parody variants, and each year since has been a great domain adventure that keeps on giving.

We have successfully crossed the seven year itch threshold, and our marriage to the domain industry remains stronger than ever.

It would have been impossible without the support of our faithful readers, random visitors that were attracted to our keyword-rich stories, and our kind sponsors who often put up with our unbiased bitching.

The domain industry is bigger than ever, and whether one loves gTLDs or not, the new brands provided much needed expansion to the domain market, and produced even more material for our news coverage and story articles.

More than 3,518,193 pageviews and 6,602 articles later, we’re hoping that you’ll hop on for the ride, and will continue having as much fun as we do.

Onto year eight, and beyond! 😀

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