Richard Lau: We are ALL NamesCon!

We are ALL NamesCon.

We are ALL NamesCon.

A quick message from Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon, on this fine Friday:

“Yesterday, I posted on my Facebook status that someone had asked me if I were “NamesCon”, and I received an interesting response. I immediately thought “We are ALL NamesCon.

And today an interesting thing happened when an eager attendee created an event page on Facebook for NamesCon, unbeknownst to NamesCon themselves! It would appear that as the founder of NamesCon, I hit the nail right on the head.”

It’s an interesting concept to think about a conference or event in those terms. That it’s not “Richard’s show” or “Jothan’s show” or “Jodi’s show”. Rather it is our show and these guys are just making sure we all show up.

With the disappearance of DomainFest, and Rick Schwartz’s 10th Anniversary signalling a new phase for T.R.A.F.F.I.C., it does feel like NamesCon is the show to mark in your calendar.

But when you think of it in terms of it being our industry show, the show we attend to build our relationships with friends and colleagues, you start to align with the concept that indeed, we are ALL NamesCon.

Just to note, the official Facebook Event page is live, and we would ALL appreciate you indicating that you are in fact attending. If you are NamesCon like the rest of us, please go here now and click on the “Join” button!” 😀

We are ALL NamesCon.

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