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Douchebag domain spammer of the week : internetregistrarorgs.com

A new douchebag spammer has shown its ugly phuckstick head this week.

Sending out masses of spam to holders of mostly .ORG domains, the assmunching domain spammer is using internetregistrarorgs.com to facilitate this digital mass ejaculation of unsolicited email.

The domain has been registered with eNom and is hosted on the same IP ( as another domain registered to a casual serial spammer and faithful eNom customer, “domainnotices698.com”.


As far as we know, these emails originate in Eastern Europe, usually the Czech Republic.

The real question is, why does eNom allow those sleazeballs to continue using their domain registrar services for several years, with the “domainnotices” numeric part increasing every so often.

Here’s what a typical spam from the internetregistrarorgs.com buttwipes looks like:

internetregistrarorgs.com sends out massive amounts of spam.

internetregistrarorgs.com sends out massive amounts of spam.

In previous weeks, Chinese company Yumi.com sent out mass quantities of spam to domainers, containing dubious language that hinted of potential UDRP consequences, unless they signed up with their network.

They have not yet apologized.

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