FactoryHandbag.com: ICE seized long tail domain due to infringement

Generic, exact match domains are often called “long tail” domains due to their length. In the case of FactoryHandbag.com, the domain is an exact match .com of “factory handbag” and that’s intentional.

Google is generous towards such exact match domains, especially when the search volume is high. With proper promotions and social media exposure, such domains are valuable traffic magnets, generating sales effortlessly.

Except, of course, when the products being sold are counterfeit, as in the case of FactoryHandbag.com, a domain that was seized by ICE and the Department of Homeland Security.

The new banner on FactoryHandbag.com isn’t a Gucci bag, but the following:

The domain was registered by someone in China, a common source of counterfeit brand products, such as handbags.

What is “factory handbag” anyway?

Most likely meant to be “handbag factory” but since that domain is taken, they registered the flipped variant. Incidentally, HandbagFactory.com (the non-seized domain) appears to have been sold earlier this year via the Uni Market. HugeDomains is selling FactoryBag.com for $2,495 dollars.

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