Richard Dynas : Best example of why #Escrow .com is a must for #domain transactions

Domain investor, Richard Dynas, shared his recent experience of how he was scammed out of $2,000 dollars in an attempt to acquire the domain, without using or a comparable service.

A person calling herself “Barbara Untergasser” approached Dynas, offering to sell him the domain. Negotiations lasted about two weeks, during which, the scammer gained Richard’s trust; “she” even used a fabricated Austrian passport for this purpose.

Dynas was asked to wire the funds to a third party, that “Barbara Untergasser” owed money to. He was going to send the reminder via Western Union, for a total of $120,000 dollars.

In his own words, Richard Dynas blames himself for the loss of the funds, which were sent via bank wire:

  • It was 100% greedy
  • I dont blame anyone but myself
  • Not looking for sympathy – I hope others will learn from my mistake
  • I am out 2K – I can live with that. I paid 2K to learn a valuable lesson.
  • I received an email from enom (I though) that said transfer was in progress so I released the funds
  • I know it was stupid! is under WHOIS privacy; the scammer, who is apparently from Nigeria, sent out a fake email to suggest that the domain was “in transfer” so that Richard Dynas would release the funds.

Richard Dynas considers this monetary loss to be a valuable lesson, which he shared in a recent domain thread over at NamePros.

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