Simon the fish: Dropped domain was used to hijack a group of linked #domains

The dropped domain name was used to take over a group of domains linked to the email address in November.

In what is known as the domain hijacking method of orphaned domains, the process involves registering the controlling domain, enabling the admin email address, and attempting to transfer away any domains linked to it.

According to our source, the domains that were linked to include:


Of these, was pushed to auction at Sedo where it was sold for $1,141 dollars.

The first 3 domains all transferred to Moniker under privacy on or about November 6, 2020 from the previous registrar, All are under privacy WHOIS now but show “France” as the locale of the registrant. The domains were under Chinese ownership before this transfer. was not transferred but its DNS was changed.

In a nutshell: was registered on November 5, 2020 and on or about November 6, 2020, three out of four domains tied to (source: DomainIQ,) were transferred under privacy WHOIS to a different registrar and were listed for sale.

Domain crime continues to exist in 2020 as protection mechanisms in place often fail to provide a verifiable proof of domain ownership.

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