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#Cryptocurrency and #ICO : Protecting intellectual property via the #UDRP process

The cryptocurrency market has become huge, with a capitalization of half a trillion dollars.

Companies operating in the market, whether they offer a token or other blockchain-related product via an ICO, are becoming very attached to their brands.

Domain names that infringe on existing trademarks or even common law marks, are being subjected to the URDP process at increasing rates.

In October, the Swiss-based Ethereum Foundation, took over the domain ProjectEthereum.com.

The company is currently opposing several pending trademark applications at the USPTO for ETHEREUM, as they relate to financial services.

Other, less popular coins join in; Ripple Labs that produces the Ripple XRP coin, took over the domain RippleCoinXRP.com.

The same approach, via the UDRP process, was emulated by StormX, Inc., and their takeover of the domains StormXToken.com and StorrnToken.coma visual typo to induce phishing – relying on a common law mark, as opposed to a registered trademark.

Bittrex, Inc., a cryptocurrency exchange, filed a UDRP against the domain Bitttrrex.com and, naturally, won it.

Domain investors riding the cryptocurrency train, should be aware that the brands of cryptocurrency providers are not generic, and that the same trademark laws apply as with other domain registrations.

Ethereum – a registered trademark.

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