Oracle Corporation grabs domain via UDRP

The domain was registered in 1998, and it has just now been ordered into the lap of Oracle International Corporation, Complainant in a UDRP.

Despite claims that they owned the domain for 18 years, a panelist at the National Arbitration Forum stated that ownership is “unverifiable.”

On top of that, findings of use for the domain did not extend past a “pass through” web site, often leading to malware and pornographic content.

Oracle International Corporation.

Oracle International Corporation.

The Respondent, Danny Bibi, is the CEO of Interactive Media, Inc. (“Admedia”) and the current owner of the domain. They denied any abusive use of the domain, blaming the administrator in charge for such instances of ill use.

Oracle International Corporation operates from, and at some point they were offered to acquire for $50,000 dollars. Oracle claims rights to the ORACLE mark since 1979.

References of “typo-squatting” were mentioned in the UDRP decision; In the end, the sole panelist ordered to be transferred to the Complainant.

For the full UDRP text, click here.

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