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#Trademark .COM applications: #Domains include Compare, Business, Slaps, Outside, Wine, Alert

The game is heating up at the USPTO since the approval by SCOTUS of the Booking.com trademark application.

Lots of generic .COM domain are being applied for as trademarks, inclusive of the TLD.

We keep track of and report on these fresh trademark applications involving generic domain names – single worders and LLL .com acronyms.

Today’s list contains the following domain names:

  • Compare.com
  • Business.com
  • Slaps.com
  • Outside.com
  • Wine.com
  • Alert.com

Domains, brands and trademarks. Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

Compare.com is an intent to use application, providing an on-line platform which provides insurance offers from multiple insurance companies. The application involve a graphic image:

The mark consists of the word “COMPARE.COM”, with the “C” in COMPARE being depicted as a stylized magnifying glass with a curved line in the inside arc of the “C”, and with “.COM” being written below the “E” in COMPARE.

It’s worth noting that the company, Compare.com, applied to register .COM as a mark also.

Business.com is an application for Marketing services; Marketing services in the nature of generating sales leads for and directing potential customers to businesses.; Marketing the goods and services of others; Providing information and news in the field of business; Providing information in the field of marketing; Advertising and marketing services provided by means of indirect methods of marketing communications, namely, social media, search engine marketing, inquiry marketing, internet marketing, mobile marketing, blogging and other forms of passive, sharable or viral communications channels; Business marketing services; Targeted marketing services.

The applicant revisits past trademark applications by original owner, Marc Ostrofsky, that were canceled due to the legal requirements of that era (late 1990s.) Marc Ostrofsky eventually sold Business.com for $7.5 million dollars.

Slaps.com is an intent to use application for entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable digital media content in the fields of music and entertainment by means of global computer networks and wireless communication networks; providing information, commentary and articles in the fields of music and entertainment via a website.

Outside.com is an application for on-line retail store services featuring live plants; Operating an on-line shopping site in the field of live plants. The applicant cites 2018 as the year of first use for the mark. This indicates that a sale might have occurred at the time.

Wine.com is an application for retail serviced in the field of alcoholic beverages, gift baskets, glassware, novelty items, and houseware; On-line retail services in the field alcoholic beverages, gift baskets, glassware, novelty items, and houseware; Administering an alcoholic beverages club by means of selecting alcoholic beverages and arranging periodic shipment to club members

This is an expansion on the existing trademark that incorporates visual elements alongside “wine.com.”

Alert.com is an intent to use application for computer hardware and computer software for controlling and managing Automated Storage and Retrieval Facilities, and mobile robots for use in such systems. Also, a separate class for automated Storage and Retrieval Facilities, and mobile robots for use in such systems.

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