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C.COM – Impossible single letter #domain heads to the #USPTO

Single letter dot .com domains are impossible to register or acquire; in fact, only X.com and Z.com are officially registered. The rest of the domains are with the IANA, in reserved status. But what about C.COM, you might ask, how is it possible that this single letter .com domain has been submitted in a trademark […]

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#Trademark .COM applications: #Domains include Compare, Business, Slaps, Outside, Wine, Alert

The game is heating up at the USPTO since the approval by SCOTUS of the Booking.com trademark application. Lots of generic .COM domain are being applied for as trademarks, inclusive of the TLD. We keep track of and report on these fresh trademark applications involving generic domain names – single worders and LLL .com acronyms. […]

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Someone wants to trademark “.COM” at the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

A new trademark application at the USPTO attempts to register “.COM” – that is “dot com.” The application cites the following services as the mark’s use: Providing an on-line platform which provides insurance offers from multiple insurance companies This is an “intent to use” application, so should domain investors who deal with dot .com domains […]

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