C.COM – Impossible single letter #domain heads to the #USPTO


Single letter dot .com domains are impossible to register or acquire; in fact, only X.com and Z.com are officially registered. The rest of the domains are with the IANA, in reserved status.

But what about C.COM, you might ask, how is it possible that this single letter .com domain has been submitted in a trademark application at the USPTO?

That’s right, the application to register a trademark for C.COM arrives without owning the domain C.COM.

The applicant is Compare.com Insurance Agency LLC, that recently applied for two more marks for COMPARE.COM and for .COM.

This latest trademark application incorporates a “C” shaped magnifying lens as a graphic element next to “.COM” so that’s what’s going on.

Since SCOTUS gave the green light to Booking.com and its USPTO application for trademark registration, numerous owners of generic domain names are doing the same.

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