Generic #domains as #trademarks:,, at the #USPTO

Numerous registrants of generic domain names are filing for trademark registration at the USPTO, since the SCOTUS decision on

These applications include the TLD, and so far it’s all about .com domains.

We keep track of these trademark applications, as an interesting twist of how generic domain names are becoming trademarks.

Let’s take a look at three recent trademark applications by the operators of,, and

Domains, brands and trademarks. Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

The trademark application for NOBLE.COM is an “intent to use” application, for a bunch of stuff:

Building supply retail store services featuring raw building materials, lighting and electrical supplies, roofing materials, tools, outdoor power equipment, home safety and security items, and landscaping materials; Office supply retail store services featuring pens, pen refills, markers, paper, self-adhesive note paper, self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive tabs, tab indexes, color coding labels, binders, folders, dividers, file pockets, expandable file folders, refill tape for label makers, calendars, paper pads, packaging tape, desk organizers, desk trays, dry-erase boards, notebooks, appointment books, refills for appointment books, shredders, printers, CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS, flash drives, external hard drives, storage containers, filing cabinets, security, protective and related ADP supplies, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, cleaning cloths, cleaning wipes, hook and loop fabrics, hook and loop tapes; Fire and emergency equipment supply retail store services featuring supplies for fire and war fighters including food, clothing, construction, medical and hardware solutions, hoses, hose fittings, nozzles, tools, fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, poles, ladders, rescue devices, respiratory protective devices, shovels, regulators, hazmat suits, uniforms, station and training wear and equipment, structural, AARF, shipboard, and forestry turn out gear and other protective products, gloves, boots, helmets, hoods, goggles, environmental, industrial, HAZMAT, WMD, terrorism, and first response personal protection, first response and search and rescue equipment and supplies, decontamination, detection, communication equipment and tools, suppression, surveillance and alarm systems and system parts, propane and other fire and first responder training systems and other first responder equipment, emergency station vehicle exhaust and ventilation systems, breathing air compressors, emergency egress and protective systems, pumps, generators, storage, containment and racking systems; Providing fire extinguisher and SCBA refills, hose testing, hose and ladder testing, conversion, calibration, overhaul, repair, and installation, protective clothing laundering and repair, pressurized bottle hydraulic testing, equipment functional testing and applicable training, inspection and maintenance of fire training, suppression, alarm and surveillance systems; Providing online order services for the aforementioned.

Meanwhile, launched its services not too long ago, and it’s applying for a stylized mark for DESKTOP.COM  that includes a logogram. The services involved are:

Downloadable computer software and mobile applications for organizing and managing remote and on-site work teams, namely, a virtual work environment and systems for organizing, sharing, collaborating, managing, storing, and accessing web based applications and content; downloadable computer software and mobile applications for searching remote applications and content; downloadable computer software and mobile application for single sign-on (SSO); downloadable cloud-computing software and mobile applications for organizing, managing, accessing, sharing, collaborating, and storing virtual work environments and systems; downloadable progressive web application software for organizing, managing, accessing, sharing, collaborating, and storing virtual work environments and systems has applied to register the GUNS.COM mark citing first use in 2010. The services are as follows:

Providing a website featuring consumer information and news in the field of firearms, ammunition, firearm gear and information, product reviews and the gun industry; on-line retail store services featuring guns and ammunition.

In the coming months, we anticipate an increase in the number of such trademark applications at the USPTO.

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