Domain Name Jargon : Thrill-seeker offers

Thrill-seekers need this type of punishment.

Welcome to a fresh edition of our Domain Name Jargon seriesthe top notch thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining – no sane domain investor should go without perusing it.

If you are a newbie to domain investing, this is where you will find us work hard to (re)define domaining without the need for silly analyses, providing concise posts that anyone suffering from ADD can follow.

Today’s entry is about thrill-seeker offers, a special type of domain lowballers:

Thrill-seeker (offers): A separate genus of the lowballer species, this type of subhuman “entrepreneur” tends to annoy domain owners, by using a particular methodology. Following an initial lowball offer to gauge a response and a domain price quote, the thrill-seeker places numerous offers, inching up to the asking price, sometimes by thousands of dollars at a time, but remaining at a safe distance from the price quoted. This way, the domain thrill-seeker achieves a mental ejaculation, experiencing a wet dream as if they are actually negotiating to acquire a premium, expensive domain.

Example: “Some lowballing fuckwad sent me a dozen offers ranging from $100 to $15,000 for an aged LLL .com that I own, after I quoted a price of $45,000 dollars. If I could slap that thrill-seeker douche in the face with a large, live trout, I would.”

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