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3D domain layering renders Registrars obsolete

Jon Pyong and his revolutionary domain printer goes 3D.

Jon Pyong and his revolutionary domain printer goes 3D.

A new process that was revealed at the international 3D Printing Hackathon in Santa Ana, California, is threatening the very existence of domain registrars as we know it.

Long dependent on a number of functions provided by the registrars, domain owners in Hong Kong have developed a brand new method that replicates the domain microcode – the very DNA inside each domain.

The process is 100% accurate and complete.

“You can call it domain cloning, if you may, but the fact is that it’s done using very fine 3D strata layering,” said Jon Pyang, co-creator of the new method.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a .com or a .me or a .fr, we can replicate it at a fraction of the registration cost,” added Pyang.

The process introduces the implementation of Large Scale Domain Fabrication (LSDF) process, which was recently granted a patent at the USPTO. Surprisingly, GoDaddy didn’t apply for this particular patent, which clearly opens Pandora’s box as far as registrars are concerned.

“No doubt about it: those that will be upset are the registrars, because the process bypasses their API and taps directly into the free sockets provided by the Registry,” said Jon Pyang.

“By carefully shifting the frequency over a randomized period of time, we are able to utilize the microseconds that usually go to waste, when forming a domain; the process creates a fresh new domain in about 2 hours,” added Pyong.

Thousands of domainers are expected to take advantage of this new process, investing in a 3D printer capable of cloning domain names from scratch. The estimated cost, around $3,000, will not be prohibitive, given the fact that the printer will pay itself off after roughly 300 prints.

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    i hope it isn’t true!

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