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4 Billion spam posts later, CCTLDS.com relaunches


Pick your domain flag and head to CCTLDS.com - it's open again!

Yet another Rick Latona “baby” changed hands and is now available again!

CCTLDS.com which focuses on the niche market of – surprise, surprise – ccTLDs is back in operation.

The forum has changed ownership and it’s open again, according to an email sent out to its members:

The Global Domain Community focusing on Country Code Top Level domain names was relaunched .

You can once again discuss,comment or reply on any subject matter of the ccTLDs industry . CCTLDS is also a marketplace to sell,buy and trade domain names and a place where you can learn how to make money from your domain names using pay per click programs and parking services.

CCTLDS.com was flooded by immense amounts of spambots that literally tore the place down and made it unusable, during the last months of ownership by Rick Latona.

Despite a nice clean-up, the remnants of the chaos caused by the viagra-spambots is evident; the counters at the bottom haven’t been reset and they currently read:

Threads: 16,779,439, Posts: 4,294,973,967, Members: 50,594, Active Members: 1,234

Yikes. Four billion posts of spam. Incredible! 😀

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4 Responses to “4 Billion spam posts later, CCTLDS.com relaunches”
  1. andy kelly says:

    Via-gra (had to edit with a space as your spam detector picked up on it lol) seems most appropriate for me seeing as Rick has done a “runner” from the Domain Industry.
    Maybe he is rebranding as a used watch and viagra salesman?

    With a bad rep there’s not much chance of returning to selling high end domain unless he has a great plastic surgeon or assumes a new alias.

    Never been burned myself with Rick but heard countless stories of folks who have. Good to see Toby taking over the “reins”

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Hey Andy – I was simply reporting on the despamification of CCTLDS.com – that’s all 🙂

  3. Francois says:

    This EURODNS acquisition is logical.
    Now a nice domain and a good forum script is far to be enough for the success.

  4. chandan says:

    Forum Last Post Threads Posts
    .ro Buy/Sell/ Trade Never 16,777,215 4,294,967,295

    funny 🙂 all spamposts seems posted in .ro tld forum section 😉

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