A true miracle: Daryl’s Diary has been found!

Father Domainicus brings some exciting news!

Good evening, my children in domaining. This is Father Domainicus, and I am thrilled to announce this fine Sunday evening that a true miracle has occurred.

Many of you recall the untimely demise of our brother, Daryl back in May in an automobile accident.

Daryl Dean Dickberryor Daryl the Drunk Domainer as his peers called him – left this world for a better place.

So what are the wonderful news, you may ask.

My domainer brothers and sisters, Daryl kept a detailed diary throughout his domaining years and it has been found, four months after the fiery accident that took Daryl’s life!

It was found in an orange grove by the scene of the accident, and DomainGang has obtained it. This is exciting news!

The diary will be published in chapters, as if Daryl Dean Dickberry were still with us.

It’s a gift from the Domain Lord, clearly and I am honored to bring the news to the domainer community.

With love and respect, as always, I leave you with a kiss on the cheeks.
~Father Domainicus


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