Adobe Photoshop “generative fill” leads to immediate domain registration

Generative art is created using computer algorithms, with the artist or designer setting the rules or parameters that dictate the behavior of the algorithm.

With the use of modern technology, computer-generated art closely follows instructions (“prompts”) and outputs visual structures following very close the artist’s imagination.

Today, Adobe rolled out the latest beta of its flagship Photoshop software that incorporates a “generative fill” – prompts give context to user-selected areas that can be filled with specific elements, or created as completions of missing areas. All you have to do is mark the area and describe in English what you want to do with it.

The result is fascinating, as entire canvases can be created from scratch with simple steps: A grassy landscape, cloud-cast mountains, an old barn, and even reflective water were all added individually:

Naturally, someone went ahead and grabbed the domain name Registered with, it was initially parked for sale on Sedo.

It seems that a new wave of “generative” domains is in the works. Watch the video to appreciate Adobe Photoshop’s (beta) generative fill:

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