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#Photoshop Caribe : #Adobe tried to be sneaky with 2nd #UDRP for the same #domain

Adobe is a giant in the business of graphics processing software, and Photoshop is its flagship product. Adobe generated $2.74 billion dollars in revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2019 alone! But there is a problem with the world famous trademark for PHOTOSHOP. Photoshop del Caribe is an established company in the Dominican Republic, offering […]

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Photoshop trademark: Will this be the first .XYZ domain UDRP?

Trademarks are meant to be enforced, or they risk becoming genericized; it happened with aspirin and others. Despite the recent (ab)use of “Photoshop” as a lower case verb indicating retouching of a photo or image, it is still very much a live trademark of Adobe, Inc. It comes as a surprise that Photoshop.XYZ is flat […]

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