Photoshop trademark: Will this be the first .XYZ domain UDRP?

Adobe Photoshop 1.07 circa 1989-1990

Adobe Photoshop 1.07 circa 1989-1990

Trademarks are meant to be enforced, or they risk becoming genericized; it happened with aspirin and others.

Despite the recent (ab)use of “Photoshop” as a lower case verb indicating retouching of a photo or image, it is still very much a live trademark of Adobe, Inc.

It comes as a surprise that Photoshop.XYZ is flat out allowed to be registered, as Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop are “famous marks.

We would not be surprised if this became the first UDRP to involve an .XYZ domain name; this one is registered to someone in Japan who is using WHOIS protection, according to the redesigned DomainTools.

How many other such trademark violations exist in the dot .XYZ gTLD, remains to be seen.

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2 Responses to “Photoshop trademark: Will this be the first .XYZ domain UDRP?”
  1. Motasem says:

    I do not consider it a violation as long as that user was faster and smarter than TM Owners and got the domain before they do … Now it is a turn of the TM Owner to buy for whatever price the suser sets … or just neglected until it expires or deleted …


  2. DomainGang says:

    Motasem – That’s extremely ignorant to say, and it’s the definition of cybersquatting. Trademarks exist for a reason, and just because the domain wasn’t registered in advance by Adobe, Inc., doesn’t mean they cannot claim it. The registrant won’t benefit a penny from this.

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