Adobe Photoshop “generative fill” leads to immediate domain registration

Generative art is created using computer algorithms, with the artist or designer setting the rules or parameters that dictate the behavior of the algorithm. With the use of modern technology, computer-generated art closely follows instructions (“prompts”) and outputs visual structures following very close the artist’s imagination. Today, Adobe rolled out the latest beta of its […]

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Adobe has acquired Frame, operating from the domain; the venture-backed company fell into the lap of Adobe for the sum of $1.275 billion dollars. While the feat is remarkable it most likely signifies a future “end of the road” for the video collaboration solution provider. Adobe is known for acquiring and absorbing companies and […]

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#Photoshop Caribe : #Adobe tried to be sneaky with 2nd #UDRP for the same #domain

Adobe is a giant in the business of graphics processing software, and Photoshop is its flagship product. Adobe generated $2.74 billion dollars in revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2019 alone! But there is a problem with the world famous trademark for PHOTOSHOP. Photoshop del Caribe is an established company in the Dominican Republic, offering […]

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#NameCheap and #Adobe in creative partnership

NameCheap, the world’s second biggest domain registrar, announced a new collaboration with Adobe and its Adobe Portfolio platform. The partnership involves the integration of NameCheap as the domain registrar of choice, for professionals that use Adobe Portfolio. This collaboration is a major accomplishment for NameCheap, as Adobe Portfolio usage provides access to thousands of creative […]

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Photoshop trademark: Will this be the first .XYZ domain UDRP?

Trademarks are meant to be enforced, or they risk becoming genericized; it happened with aspirin and others. Despite the recent (ab)use of “Photoshop” as a lower case verb indicating retouching of a photo or image, it is still very much a live trademark of Adobe, Inc. It comes as a surprise that Photoshop.XYZ is flat […]

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Exclusive: Did Adobe use a ‘trojan horse’ investor to acquire CreativeCloud .com?

Adobe just launched Creative Cloud – a service that aspires to be the forerunner of Creative Suite 6 online. The creative tools media giant acquired the domain name in December, having filed in September for a Creative Cloud trademark. According to Adobe: “Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the freedom to design anything you can […]

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British Petroleum to use revolutionary new Adobe tool to clean the oil spill

Since the Gulf oil spill started roughly 40 days ago, oil giant British Petroleum has been using increasingly more aggressive methods to combat the pipeline gush that has been leaking more than 15,000 barrels of oil into the sea, daily. After the original attempts to place a huge metal enclosure over the cracked oil pipe […]

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