Adrian Kinderis gets scammed in Cartagena

Adrian Kinderis fell victim to ATM skimming fraud while attending an ICANN meeting.

Apparently, we were not the only ones to have fallen victims of an ATM scam while attending a domain conference – in particular, TRAFFIC Las Vegas.

Adrian Kinderis is the founder and CEO of the AusRegistry Group of companies including AusRegistry Pty Ltd, and AusRegistry International Pty Ltd.

He has also attended almost 30 ICANN meetings in the past 10 years, according to ICANN Wiki.

Unfortunately, his recent visit in Cartagena, attending yet another ICANN meeting, was marred by fraud. Scammers skimmed his ATM card, as he publicly announced on twitter.

While ICANN selects exotic locations for its meetings, it’s a global phenomenon; the solution being, never use your ATM card for any transaction and always use credit cards that require a signature.

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3 Responses to “Adrian Kinderis gets scammed in Cartagena”
  1. Kevin Murphy says:

    Same thing happened to me, and at least one other person I’m aware of. They took the equivalent of about 500 bucks before I found out about it.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Kevin – That’s truly unfortunate. At least, you also avoided would-be robbers close to your hotel, if I recall correctly. Apparently Cartagena was the wrong choice for a conference after all.

  3. Kevin Murphy says:

    I wouldn’t say that.

    Cartagena — or at least the small bits of it I saw — was actually very nice.

    I’ve been to plenty of scarier cities.

    That said, I’ve no plans to return.

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